Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Again

Well it's Saturday again. Another busy week has just flown by. Can't really remember much details of the week, other than just working.
Mom's surgery yesterday went well. They thought that it would be 5 hours and turned out to be only 2 1/2 hours. She was able to come home today and seems to be doing well.
We had a good time at the Regional VLB Christmas Banquet in Elizabethtown, KY today. There was good preaching as well as good food. Kelley did a good job preaching, even though she has not been feeling very well. The only disappointment was that more people were not able to make it, for various reasons.
I preached at Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis tonight. The place was totally packed out. When it starts getting colder, there is hardly any room to move there during services. There was easily well over 100 people there. We had a good service. The men seemed pretty receptive.

Thank you Lord for taking us through another week, and keeping mom safe during surgery. And thank you for the healings that were testified about today.

Keep reaching out to the lost and dying souls of this world.

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