Monday, April 13, 2009


Anna seems to provide endless analogies to what our relationship with Christ is supposed to be. Another one of her favorite things to say right now is, "OK". Quite often whenever we tell her to do something she responds promptly and says "OK" and then quit whatever she is doing! Now I would love if she would do this from now on, but I have this feeling it is just a phase she is going through. But this is how our heavenly Father wants us to respond to Him EVERY time that He tells us something. If you are a parent you can readily empathize with what I feel whenever Anna does this. That means you can also empathize with how Christ feels when we obey Him without question or hesitation. Let us all strive to respond with "OK" to our Saviour.

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Tammi said...

Great analogies Brother Ryan. Please keep sharing. They really do make you stop and think.