Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Book Drive Success

As I mentioned in an earlier post, during the month of February, our local church conducted a book drive to raise books for children to read(or look at) while waiting to visit their parents or loved ones at a local jail. We were able to collect 30 books for which I am thankful for. I went today and dropped them off and was glad that we were able to make this donation. Since the last time I was there, it seems that the number of books had dimenished , and the ones there were in terrible disrepair. There only remained 5 books that did not have the covers torn off, pages ripped out, etc. I didn't know when I went if there was going to be enough room in the basket for those we collected, but by the time I removed all the damaged ones, there was enough room. Hopefully these books will provide these children moments of joy while they are there. Additionally, we put the name and contact information for the local church on the back of each one, so hopefully we will be able to minister to some families in this way as well.

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Momma Tammi said...

Glad to hear that the book drive was such a success. I'm sure the kids will enjoy them so much. Great idea for community outreach too.