Monday, February 05, 2007

Faith in Evidence

Oftentimes, we hear "famous" people talk about God, thank God for this or that, etc. Yet, it seems that just as often, they constantly do things which seem to cancel out any profession that they make.
Now, normally, I am not much of a fan of any kind of major league sports. With the local team finally making it to the big "Bowl"for the first time since they came to town, coverage has been everywhere you turn for the past two weeks. One thing that has really been getting a lot of coverage is the faith of these two men(the coaches). Dungy and Smith have genuinely, from everything that I can see are what they profess to see. I saw a quote from Smith from earlier last week saying that he doesn't smoke, drink, or dance. When his family made it down to Miami, they were going to celebrate with dinner. Dungy doesn't yell and make a big scene. Doesn't even swear. He happened to say that he was going to be on a certain sports show, whose name has a swear word in it. He was then asked the question, do you realize what you just said? He said, that's the last time you will hear that. I am glad that these men, putting the spotlight on faith, are who they profess to be.

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