Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pipes Unfrozen!

For about the past week + our pipes have been frozen in our downstairs bathroom. The temp has not gotten above freezing for about 10-12 days I believe. Our toilet went first and then it kind of spread to everything else, thus necessitating us going to my mom and grandpa's to wash any clothes,etc. Thankfully, we still have an upstairs bathroom to use. Today, while we were at the hospital for Kelley to get checked, everything but the toilet unfroze. I had the water turned on so that when it began to unfreeze a little the water would start flowing and thaw the rest. By the time we got back it had basically went through all the water in our hot water heater. It is a good thing we got back when we did because the shower drain somehow had frozen and the shower was getting ready to overflow. After letting it drain a little and adding hot water, eventually it thawed out too.
It looks like the baby will be here this week. Kelley has been having relatively strong contractions since Friday(which incidentally, we spent a number of hours in a hospital that had a full maternity ward, was remodeling part of the maternity ward-no nursery that we could see anywhere, and had run out of pillows. Kelley had to lay on her back pretty much the entire time we were there, which caused her a lot of pain). Eventually, the doctor told her that it was just going to be a waiting game and that she could wait at the hospital or at home. We opted for home, since at the very least she could eat.
Sorry for the random, not very well punctuated format. Anyway now to start the second week of being off work. Hopefully, I will be able to get a number of things done. Yeah right! With the baby's arrival, I am sure that will all go out the window. Seriously though, I do have a project that I would like to get done at least a month before BTI, which would mean that I have about two months to go. This time off would be a great time to work on it, especially because as I work on it, I find more that needs to be added to it.
God bless! I hope that you are doing well!

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