Monday, March 19, 2007

District Convention!

I just want to thank the Lord for a wonderful district convention. The Spirit was present in a mighty way. We experienced wonderful worship services as well as good preaching. At the very end of the convention we had one lady join the Church. We had 52 people registered, with 50 of those present Sat. Night. I meant to take pictures but was in an awkward place to get the ones I wanted Sat. night and then didn't get it done Sun. either. Oh well! If you would like to read more about it, I will be posting a report on our local church's website later today hopefully.
Last night, we cancelled our evening service, so Bro. Cox and I went and visited a local church that he has been associated with in the past. The people there were very loving. They didn't have a piano player, so I played piano with them during the worship service. Then they asked Bro. Cox to sing and following that asked me to sing. One thing that I noticed was that they seemed to be wanting to worship. They really didn't seem to be worried too much about how long they were there. Bro. Cox has preached for them in the past. Please pray that we continue to have an open door there as they currently do not have a pastor, and have not had one for a number of years. Pray that we can be a blessing to them whenever we get the opportunity to be in service with them.
Since beginning this post(several hours ago, got busy and walked away and forgot about it), I have learned that a dear friend has lost their father last night. Please pray for this family during this time, as the last that I knew he was not saved. I hope that since I have not spoken with them for some time that he had gotten saved in the interim. Please join me in prayer that God would provide peace during this time as this is the second family member they have lost within the past few months.

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