Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two sticks

In 1 Kings 17, there is the story of Elijah going to a widow, at God's
command, and as a result both Elijah, the widow, and her son were able
to survive a drought for many days. In this story we often talk about
God doing a miracle of producing many days worth of food on just a
handful of meal and a little oil. Oftentimes, I have though about how
small the cake would have been, but tonight, while Kelley was
preaching, as we read the verse something stuck out that really hadn't
before. The woman was gather TWO sticks to cook the cake, TWO. Now how
long could two burning sticks last? Not very long I would imagine.
Therefore, whatever she was going to cook had to be very small, to be
able to cook it with only two sticks.
I then began to think about
what a handful of meal is. As I ponder how much I can fit in my hand, I
come to the realization that it is not very much! And I have a fairly
big hand, one that iscomparatively large compared to most people I
know(with the exception of Bro. Forbes, his hand swallows mine). My
wife's hand is almost 1/2 the size of mine. I would imagine that this
woman's hand was much closer to my wife's than mine. This would shrink
the amount of meal even more.
As Kelley was preaching on our insufficiencies, this makes me think all the more on how even though the little that I have, if I just give it to God first, before I try to do anything with it, HE can do great things with it.
Some people might say that I am one stick short to have the fire that is needed, but with God's help I will accomplish all that He has for me to do. And you can too!


Vicki Smith said...

AMEN! Good preaching. BOTH of you. :-)

Momma Tammi said...

Very good point!