Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good Service

I want to thank the Lord for a good service this morning. Kelley was prayed for during Sunday School and by the end of service let us know that God had healed her. I felt encouraged of the Lord and His prescence was with us.
We had two birthdays at our local church this past week. One was one of our gleaners turning 12. We had cake Tues. evening for both of them and I presented the new VLB, Emily Cox, with a certificate stating that she was officially inducted from the Gleaner Band to the Victory Leaders Band. I also gave her a VLB member card.
Sat. night we had a youth pizza and a movie night. Unfortunately, not as many showed up as we had planned on, but we had a good time anyway. We watched, "Facing the Giants". I would highly recommend this movie to anybody to watch. If you hadn't heard about it, it was filmed by a church in Georgia with an all volunteer cast. They filmed it with somewhere around $60,000-$100,000 and it ended up being picked up by a major studio and shown in theaters across the US. There is absolutely nothing objectionable in it. It is all about having faith in God and praising Him no matter what. It is the second time that Kelley and I watched it and I kept getting all kinds of sermon ideas out of it. One of the main points ended up being what I was going to preach on this morning. I had forgotten all about that part of the movie, but it helped confirm to me what the message should be about this morning. Then God confirmed it throughout the morning!
The weather up here has been great the past several days. Other than a lot of rain. It has been pretty warm. I love the spring, because then I can get out and start planting. Lord help me plant more spiritual seed this year as well.
Pray for us as we gear up for our Easter Service. In addition to our normal service, we will be having Anna's baby dedication afterward. We expect there to be a good number of people so we have rented a local auditorium for the morning service. Please pray that everything goes smoothly with all the visitors, setup and tear down, and that we will see souls saved!

Hope God is blessing where you are at!!

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Vicki Smith said...

God bless you guys! I love reading reports about what God is doing in local areas of TCOG. We're overcomers by the word of our testimony, and our testimonies are an encouragement and blessing to others. Praise the Lord!
I'd heard about "Facing the Giants" from reading blogs the past couple of months. I ordered it off of ebay and last night Brother Smith and I watched it. I REALLY liked it, and it felt SO GOOD not to have to worry about something questionable popping up unexpectedly. It was a blesing.